Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Taking a Break

Every now and then your carefully laid game night plans might fall through due to cancellations or unexpected circumstances. But that's okay! Sometimes it's best to roll with the changes and take some time off from the game table. Just like taking short breaks during a game session, taking breaks from gaming for a while isn't so bad. There are a number of ways that taking such a break can benefit you as a game runner and make your campaigns more enjoyable for yourself and your players.

First, it's a good way to prevent yourself from burning out on game mastering. Running a game is a labor intensive endeavor, and it can easily cause fatigue that will gradually effect the quality of your adventures. Don't be afraid to take a week off to relax and unwind. Put away your notes for a bit and let your mind reset and meditate. Don't stay at home during this whole time either. A change of scenery and some physical activity will do wonders for you creatively as well as holistically.

It's also a good way to suss out some future concepts and ideas for your game without the impending time crunch. Giving yourself an extra few days to prep for a game can make the difference between a rushed, sloppy session and something truly enjoyable.

Finally, it helps you prioritize your activities outside of the hobby, and can lead to opportunities to socialize outside your gaming activities as well. It's best not to be fixated on any single hobby or interest, tabletop gaming included. So don't be afraid of the next delay between game sessions, embrace the opportunity for a hiatus and channel it into something excellent!

Happy ventures!

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